The CCP Creates Tragedies Against Humanity

Since the CCP seized power, it has carried out brainwashing propaganda against the Chinese people. After the 18th National Congress of the CCP, it has even created ridiculous propaganda slogans such as ” Without a country, there is no family” and ” Parents are not as close as the Party”, in order to fool the people and make people offer their lives in sacrifice for the dictatorship of the CCP.

The poisonous brainwashing of the CCP destroyed the traditional Chinese culture of family ethics. It is recorded that during the Cultural Revolution, there were tragic incidents of sons denouncing their mothers as counter-revolutionaries, resulting in their mothers being shot dead.

In 1970, Ms. Fang Zhongmou was sentenced to death after her son denounced her for criticizing Mao Zedong and tearing down his portrait at home. Afterwards, the CCP praised the son as a “hero” for denouncing his mother. But over 40 years later, at the age of 60, the son regretted it so much that he felt he was “worse than a livestock”.

The CCP’s dictator Xi sees Mao Zedong as his idol, and Communist China has entered the era of the Cultural Revolution 2.0. Today, the CCP is taking advantage of the epidemic to impose brutal city closures across the country, eliminating the people’s desire for high levels of material and spiritual standards and making them live like livestock slaves. News of the Cultural Revolution era’s so-called “great righteousness” has started to appear on the CCP’s social media again. In April 2022, Rong Ting, the daughter of the headmaster of Shandong Lanxiang, reported in real names that her mother, Kong Suying, had a US green card and had sold properties in China to move to the US. This was originally a case of family conflict, but the CCP media made a big deal out of it, turning the sale of the properties and transfer of funds into a crime and inciting Cultural Revolution-style family members to denounce each other.

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