Domestic Anti-Putin Russians Reached Out To CIA

According to media on May 2nd, more and more Russians became disaffected by Putin Administration’s invasion of Ukraine, some of which were trying to reach out to CIA through darknet. To this end, CIA published the instructions in English and Russian on how to access its darknet on the same day.

The report mentioned that CIA launched a darknet site in 2019 which is accessible through Tor browser, short for “The Onion Router”, which routed internet traffic through multiple third parties to mask a user’s identity and destination. It is learnt that since 2006, Tor has long been used by dissidents in authoritarian countries and people seeking to circumvent firewalls and censors, law enforcement and intelligence officers, and journalists.

Currently, People inside Russia were conducting cooperation with CIA. Thus, while not all forms of communication are always completely secure, CIA would better protect the tipsters on the darknet from the persecution by Moscow authorities.

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