An Italian Sociologist labels CCP As Authoritarian Government

On April 30, local time, an Italian volunteer f SSF-Rescuers Without Borders was interviewed by Nicole, a frontline journalist from the New Federal State of China (NFSC). The volunteer explained that many of the Ukrainian refugees suffered from various chronic illnesses, anxiety or common diseases. And as a sociologist, he is currently providing medication and medical care to Ukrainian refugees at SSF’s relief clinic in the Medyka camp until they can depart for their new destinations.
When informed of the evil of the CCP regime and its support for Putin’s war of aggression, this volunteer believed that the CCP government was not really helping the Chinese people; on the contrary, there were countless poor people, even refugees within Communist China, let alone the tragic experience of those who were detained or imprisoned due to expressing themselves. To this end, the NFSC’s mission to take down the CCP regime is a great thing, and Chinese people deserve a better life. In addition, the volunteer also specifically referred to the delicious NFSC coffee and said he would like to pay a visit to the NFSC’s rescue tent.

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