A Shanghai Nursing Home Sent A Living Person For Cremation

On May 1, local time, according to several media reports, a nursing home in the Putuo district of Shanghai, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) nearly sent a living elder to the funeral home’s crematorium to be incinerated that day.
According to informed sources, when the nursing home handed over the body bag containing an elder to the funeral home, the funeral home staff found that the so-called “corpse” was still moving. But the nursing home insisted to have the elder incinerated immediately. After much negotiation, the nursing home had to bring the elder back. After a video of the incident was released by a witness, there was public outcry within the Communist China and cries for the CCP authorities’ “treat human lives as worthless grass” were widespread.
Analysts have pointed out that since the CCP imposed an extremely harsh lockdown in Shanghai in the name of epidemic, tens of millions of people there have been living in misery and death tragedies are repeatedly happening. Events such as the blatant cremation of living people at the nursing home, coupled with the earlier news of hundreds of elders dying at another nursing home in Shanghai, all are clearly manipulated by the CCP government, as Miles Guo revealed.

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