U.S. and U.K. Hold High-Level Discussion on Taiwan Strait Situation

It was reported on May 1st that the U.S. has held top-level talks with the U.K. in early March over the situation in the Taiwan Strait after the Russia and Ukraine war started.

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Diplomatic Talks With Russia Still Open: US, UK Leaders On Ukraine Crisis.

During the talks, the U.S. hoped to strengthen cooperation with European allies, such as the U.K., to raise awareness of the Western countries about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s assertive stance toward Taiwan. The meeting discussed what role the U.K. should play if war between the U.S. and Communist China finally broke out in the Taiwan Strait. The meeting also included the issue of how the U.K. should work diplomatically with Taiwan and how to strengthen its deterrence in the Asian region.

Although neither the White House nor the British government commented on the news, some analysts pointed out that it is in everyone’s interest to deter the CCP’s aggression against Taiwan. It is not just an issue in the Indo-Pacific, but a global issue. It is said that the talks are by far the highest-level and most important discussions between the two countries on the Taiwan issue.

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