Italy and Greece Ease Epidemic Restrictions

Foreign media reported on May 2nd, that Italy and Greece have eased some epidemic restrictions before the summer travel season comes in Europe. Life in the local areas is gradually returning to normal.

From May 1st, visitors traveling to Italy are no longer required to fill in the complicated locator form for EU passengers. The health pass is not required in public places such as restaurants, cinemas and gyms etc in Italy. Masks are not required either in the supermarkets, shops and workplaces, except for the public transport, cinemas, nursing homes and all medical institutions.

The Greek government announced the temporary abolition of vaccination certificates between May 1st and August 31st. Although wearing masks are still required indoors and in public vehicles, the authorities have suspended restrictions on the number of customers in indoor spaces.

In Mykonos which is famous for tourism, according to the local business owners, many people who haven’t been vaccinated against the CCP virus are enjoying the end of the epidemic restrictions. Some visitors said it is a return to freedom.

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