Former Inner Mongolia Party Secretary Appointed to Be the President of CASS

On May 1st, according to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media, Shi Taifeng, the former Secretary of the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, became the President and CCP Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

Shi Taifeng was transferred to Inner Mongolia in October 2019 as the CCP Secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to Miles Guo, Shi Taifeng suppressed the Mongolian language and culture and was appointed by Xi Jinping as president and the CCP secretary of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences due to his tough measures.

In the live broadcast on May 1st, Miles said the CCP’s reuse of Shi Taifeng, a cruel official who destroyed Mongolia, and Chen Kuiyuan, Chen Quanguo, and others who destroyed Xinjiang and Tibet, indicates that Xi Jinping wants to eliminate China’s ethnic minorities and realize his emperor’s dream of unifying the world to the extreme. This will be a huge disaster for all the people under the rule of the CCP.

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