India Volunteer: Political Parties Will Perish, And Peace Will Endure

On April 26th, at the Medyka rescue center in Poland, one of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF)’s fellow fighters, Nicole interviewed two volunteers from India. They said that China and India are two of the oldest countries globally and neighbors, both with a long historical tradition.

Cultural traditions have been written into our genes. Our ancestors lived in peace, we will live in peace too. No partisanship can destroy people’s minds. Political parties could die, but nations and people live on. India has to live in peace with the NFSC. The whole world must live in peace. No single party can take that away. They come from the birthplace of Buddha, and the idea of peace advocated by Buddha is their philosophy of life.

Nicole responded to them that both the Indians and Chinese are peace-loving people. But the Chinese Communist Party is the root cause of global disasters and wars, anti-human rights atrocities, and humanitarian crises. So, if we love peace and hate war, we should overthrow the CCP. That’s why we are here.

Nicole finally emphasized that Peace, freedom, and human rights also exist in our hearts and DNA. The CCP cannot destroy our hearts and wills because we want to pursue independence. Therefore, we must take down the Chinese communist party to obtain peace.

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