Germany Supports Finland and Sweden in Joining NATO

BERLIN, May 3rd, according to Reuters, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday, that given Russia’s violations of international law in Ukraine, no one can assume that Russia will not attack other countries. Finland and Sweden will have Germany’s support if they decide to join NATO.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke the post-World War II order and forced Europe to strengthen its defense strategy, Schultz said in a statement to the media flanked by Swedish and Finnish prime ministers Magdalena Anderson and Sanna Marin.

The two leaders have joined a German cabinet meeting to begin a two-day tour at Messerberg Palace in the north of the capital to discuss the security situation in Europe. Finland and Sweden have been considering applications to join NATO’s Western military alliance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was dubbed a “special military operation”, which would mark a major policy shift in the Nordic region.Schultz said “no one can assume that the Russian president and government will not violate international law with violence on other occasions.”In a separate interview with Stern magazine, Schultz was quoted as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies are imperialist and he sees neighboring countries as Russia’s backyard.

Schultz added that Putin wants to expand his territory and push borders with violence and that he is desperately trying to rebuild Russia’s old sense in a world that has changed.Marin said Finland has a solid defensive capability and a strong will to defend itself. She added that Finland maintains a strong and modern conscript army capable of operating with NATO and ready to act.

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