Shanghai Residents Banging Pots to Protest CCP’s Draconian Lockdowns

Shanghai has been locked down for more than one month. Shanghai residents have resorted to banging pots to express their dissatisfactions since last weekend. This odd type of protest is getting more popular in Shanghai. During the daytime on 28th, many creative posters of ‘banging pots for supplies’ have been widely circulated in the community groups.

Some creative people even designed the poster of Banging Pots Concert. On the evening of 28th, a special Banging Pots Concert kicked off on time. The residents who had been locked down and closely monitored for a long time protested by ’banging pots’ in their homes. Others projected ’we want supplies’ outside a residential building. With the effectiveness of the action in question, it was a rare scene of the local people finally stood up and protest against the local government.

The local CCP government of course immediately took action, and started running routines in the name of “maintain the society stability” to stop this from spreading. They distributed supplies to some parts of the communities to ease the tension while making arrests of the activists of the pot-banging events.

One funny thing came out of this was, based on the screenshots taken by Shanghainese, the local neighborhood committees and local police stations quickly made announcement claiming – “this activity of banging pots is a conspiracy orchestrated by certain people outside the country”, warning the public not to be fooled and give the opportunity to the forces outside the country who aim to undermine the regime.

Not all Shanghainese could be fooled, some brave ones vented out saying that the top CCP leaders in China have been looting people’s money, and arranging their relatives to live overseas. They are actually the hostile forces. It is these kleptocratic forces that control every aspect of Chinese people’s lives, and they have deprived the God-given rights from the people including freedom of speech and medical rights, now they are taking away the rights of feeding their families.

Hope more and more Chinese people could wake up from the horrendous lockdowns of Shanghai, as the worse time still lies ahead… Just as Robert F Kenney Jr. said, “no one has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism”.

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