HK’s External Debt to Implode; CCP’s Financial System to Collapse

In a GETTR video on April 29, Miles Guo talked about the economic problems of the CCP and believed that the core reason behind the economic incentive plan that the CCP had just proposed was that the financial system was going to no longer hold up. He also broke the news that Hong Kong’s foreign debts and loans all over the world are going to burst into a big crisis, and that it’s going to crash along with real estate, and that the financial system is going to be finished. The CCP’s so-called incentive schemes, internal circulation and big infrastructure projects will only prompt the CCP to die faster.

In the name of fighting against Pandemic, the CCP now performs stress tests against the people, using city-wide lockdowns to keep the people at home and off the streets, in a way to shift the blame when its economy collapses. Also, with the vaccine mandates, to realize its insidious goal of depopulation, particularly targeted the elderly and people with poor health conditions.

Miles Guo concluded that the Chinese people need to find a way to survive the toughest time, and stay alive while waiting for the CCP to be taken down; only when the CCP is eliminated, the Chinese people will be able to live freely.

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