GETTR Has a Unique Advantage Unmatched by Any Social Media Outlet

Miles Guo shared his view on the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, and mentioned this news has made nearly 20% of Twitter executives want to leave the company. Meanwhile the market cap of Musk’s Tesla plunged by over 100 billion dollars. Miles suggested that Twitter is plagued by various deep-root issues that remain unsolved. They include Twitter’s unjustified high market valuation without generating profit, its track records of suppression of media and free speech, serving as a political tool for both parties in the U.S. Twitter will likely face various lawsuits. Twitter’s destiny will be determined by how it faces its past, the present opportunities and future challenges.

Gettr Vs Twitter: Gettr As An Alternative To Twitter!!

On the contrary, GETTR’s advantages emerge quickly. When GETTR was launched, all existing social media platforms were actively engaged in suppressing free speech. For instance, the truth about the danger of the CCP virus vaccines were labelled as “misinformation”. Countless people who love freedom and resent censorship came to GETTR to build a platform to voice their own opinions. Without any historical guilt,, GETTR had a promising future that is unmatched by any social media outlet.

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