Denmark and South Korea Further Ease CCP Virus Mandates

On April 26, Denmark reportedly announced the suspension of its vaccination campaign against the CCP virus. According to Health Department officials, the current pandemic situation in Denmark is improving as the CCP virus has been gradually brought under control, with the number of new infections decreasing daily and hospitalisation rates stabilising. Officials said the mass vaccination program is being phased out and that no more invitations for vaccinations will be sent to residents after May 15.

In addition, Denmark has currently lifted nearly all restrictions imposed since the virus emerged. On April 29, South Korea announced that it would lift the outdoor mask mandates next week, the latest move to ease restrictions on the CCP virus in the country. South Korea’s prime minister said the decision was based on the fact that the government could no longer ignore the inconvenience posed by the mandate in people’s daily lives amid a stabilising pandemic situation.

As of press time, South Korea has lifted most of its pandemic-related restrictions, including midnight curfews on restaurants and other businesses.

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