Miles Analyzes The Differences Between Democracies and Dictatorships

In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on March 27th, he explained the difference between democracies and dictatorships in the context of global sanctions against Russia.Miles said that Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictator, is extremely individualistic, and therefore convinced that personal relationships between state leaders are the same at the national diplomatic level.Xi and Biden have some exchange of interests. That is just the political strategy of an old politician like Biden, and Xi mistakenly believes that this is the U.S. position.

As seen in Biden’s political career that most policies he supported were unfavorable to the CCP, including Xi suffered cruel taunts in the conference with Obama back then; frankly, Biden was the man behind it.The world’s advanced democratic countries are getting together strongly, with U.S. support for Ukraine, Biden’s speech in Warsaw, and the nationwide participation from European countries, as well as Japan’s reinstatement of the right to declare war.

All these actions and decisions are the will of people and are made with respect for others. State interests are above everything else and cannot be determined by an individual. Dictators, on the other hand, pursue a personal cult and do everything based on their own interests. This is the essential difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Whether it is Putin or Xi Jinping, this is their own war and has nothing to do with any Russians or Chinese, but innocent people are coerced into it as a result of the dictatorship. Therefore, Miles emphasized that only by eliminating the CCP would the Chinese regain a foothold on the Earth, otherwise they will be forever far away from the civilized world.

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