Japanese Media Analysis On CCP’s Biased Reports On Russia’s Invasion

On March 26, local time, a Japanese media analysis showed that the Chinese Communist Party’s reports on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were very different from those of Western countries.

First of all, almost all the exclusive footages reported by the CCP were taken from the perspective of Russia. Secondly, there are almost no derogatory terms such as “military invasion” or “aggression” in the CCP’s reports on Russia. Finally, while the whole world is paying attention to whether Russia will use biological weapons in Ukraine, the CCP has become a political party that helps Russia propagate that the United States is developing biological weapons in Ukraine.

In this regard, the director general of the Japanese media stationed in Communist China said that the CCP is retaliating against the United States, because the United States pointed out that the CCP virus came from the Wuhan laboratory. The CCP has been wantonly publishing this report in unison with Russia in recent days.It is a fierce retaliation against the United States.

Analysts pointed out that the CCP used extremely stupid ways trying to arouse the interest of various countries in tracing the origin of the virus at the same time as the Russian-Ukrainian war is underway. As Miles Guo said, the CCP will not only become the culprit of the Russian-Ukrainian war but will also bring hatred to the Chinese around the world in the CCP virus disaster and vaccine disaster.

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