Get Rid of The Lip Attacks, Learn to Respect and Make a Lifelong Practice

On March 13, Miles Guo pointed out some issues existing in Ukraine rescue operation.While our frontline fellow fighters worked day and night extremely hard without much rest, there are always some keyboard warriors who contribute nothing but criticism or offer unnecessary suggestions to Miles Guo. Many Chinese have these flaws such as strong individualism, arrogance, and disrespect for others, all are reflected vividly.

Miles added that, some of the frontline rescuer members feel too good about themselves and often made decisions without much consideration, they almost forget the purpose of going to the frontline is to rescue refugees, not to run a show or any sort of propaganda. In the meantime, some mission critical elements of NFSC that should have been presented had not been presented, which gave the CCP opportunity to steal the credit and shamelessly lie to the public that it is them that is operating the rescue.

Therefore, Miles Guo emphasized that we must demonstrate at the scene that we are the new Chinese whose mission is to eliminate the evil CCP. The CCP is the root cause of all the disasters in the world. Mankind can only be saved once the Chinese Communist Party is destroyed.

Through the deep dive of these problems, it also provides more ideas for our fellow fighters. We need to understand that our enemy is the CCP, they will do whatever it takes to attack the whistleblower movement, they’ll use any possible nasty and dirty tactics. Miles Guo once said that we all came out of that filthy place in Communist China, so we inevitably carry some flaws with us. We must realize that and correct ourselves and make it a lifelong practice.

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