Funerals Under The Siege Of War

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 27, Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese, who have been rescued from Ukraine, were deeply impressed by the Ukrainians who show real respect for others.

These Chinese refugees finally recognized the fundamental difference between the people of the Ukraine and the Chinese people in the Communist Party. For instance, bodies have been found through rigorous searches carried out by professional search teams, but such rigorous actions would never happen in the country ruled by the CCP.Even amidst the shelling and artillery fire, the search teams were digging pits and burying bodies. Some of the dead were buried with exquisite tombstones, with their surnames and complete names well-carved, and religious funerals were held with great respect. On the contrary, such respectable actions will never happen in the CCP even in prosperous and peaceful eras, needless to say in war time.

Respect to the dead is a foreign concept to the CCP. Even if they were still alive, the Chinese will not get the basic respect they deserve, and live without dignity. Take the current situation for example: when Chinese citizens are trapped in Ukraine and struggling for help, the Communist Party looks for all kinds of excuses not to rescue its people. Those who tried to look for help from the CCP were not only asked to prove their own identities, but were also checked for the identities of their ancestors. The Chinese Communist Party slandered the New Federal State of China for getting private information of the Chinese refugees. However, the CCP’s lies were self-defeating.

The more evil the Communist Party is, the more the New Federal State of China is worth cherishing.

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