The CCP Is Jealous and Fears NFSC’s Global Image

On March 11, Miles Guo said in his live broadcast that NFSC fellow fighters showed to the world the most unique and excellent image of new Chinese in the Ukraine rescue operation. The rescue mission is a devastating blow to the CCP in front of the world. Miles Guo said that the world has seen the CCP fall into the Tacitus trap.

The excellent performance of the NFSC people gave the CCP a big heavy slap! Through excellent work, Aussi Farm managed to get the Ukrainian-Australian Chamber of Commerce to post NFSC’s rescue information on their website, which is significant. However, under the threat of the CCP, the Chamber of Commerce was forced to remove the information. The spectacle of the Chinese Communist regime’s use of its sovereign state to purposely block humanitarian aid has been known worldwide.

Despite this, the CCP has been unable to evade the humanitarian relief operations carried out by NFSC because the words and actions suppressed by the CCP are the actual values recognized by the world. The image and temperament of the comrades-in-arms and their efficiency and results of their work changed the impression of the west about Chinese people, which was only to cheat and produce cheap goods. Instead, NFSC brings the new Chinese image of sincerity, kindness and openess.

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