Japanese Senior Officials Propose Key Points of UN Security Council Reform

In an interview with Japanese media on March 27, Mr. Kibara, Deputy Chief of Staff, said that the UN Security Council needs to be reformed, especially with regard to the “veto” power of permanent members. In a video address to the Japanese Parliament on March 23, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy stated that the UN Security Council did not fulfill its mission in this invasion.

Deputy Chief Kibara pointed out that the reform of the UN Security Council needs to achieve three elements: first, to add the number of permanent members; second, to add the number of non-permanent members; and third, to restrict the abuse of the veto power.

He also said that Russia, as the rotating president of the Security Council this month, has not only failed to do its duty to protect peace, but also shown the world its ambition for territorial expansion. In such circumstances, the world should consider limiting the effectiveness of the permanent members’ veto in Security Council voting.

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