Japanese Media Says the Russia-Ukraine War Should Distinguish Concept Between Dictator And State

March 22nd, local time, in a program about Russian-Ukraine war, a Japanese media emphasized the difference between a dictator and a state.

The host first talked about that there is no way but to defeat Russia in order to prevent those dictatorial regimes, including China. They are in a vain attempt to use military force to realized their ambitions of changing the geographic map of the world. The guest Mr. Xingji agreed, but immediately corrected that it is not to defeat Russia, but to defeat Putin and the very few people around him. Because the war against Ukraine was not initiated by the Russian nation, but by Putin as a dictator after he privatized state power. It is not Russia that hates NATO, but the few people who run Russia’s political system. Mr. Xingji emphasized that the real victims are the citizens of such dictatorship countries.

Both Putin and the former Mao Zedong have used the media propaganda machine to brainwash their people, making them the puppets of their dictatorship. After awakening, many people who learned the truth fled away from these dictatorial countries. The best outcome is people rise and resist the dictatorship and achieve regime change. At the same time, what Western democracies really need to discuss is how to eliminate this terrifying dictatorship.

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