Highly Qualified Volunteers Can Respond To Emergencies On The Rescue Front Line At Any Time

On March 20, 2022, local time, Wen Yao, one of the leading volunteers from the NFSC, shared an incident that occurred at the rescue operation site in her Ukraine humanitarian rescue live broadcast. 

On the morning when the volunteers arrived at Medyka rescue station, they were told by the security guards that one new colleague had come to report. They were surprised since the Himalaya Alliance did not notify them. Immediately, they exchanged the information with the farm the so-called volunteer claimed himself to be from and decided to ask the security staff to escort him out of the station.

Wen Yao said that the situation on the rescue front was complicated and needed to deal with various emergencies. As a result, the volunteers’ physical strength, wisdom, experience, and analytical and judgmental ability are required. 

Meiguo Xiaoli wrote a report on this unexpected situation to the rescue headquarters. The Medyka Rescue Station lacks human resources because some of the frontline fellow volunteers are infected with the CCP virus. More volunteers with a professional background, such as electricians, mechanics, TV directors, and photographers, are expected if they are available. More importantly, they are advised to sign up for volunteering jobs through their farms and follow the unified deployment of the Himalaya Alliance.


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