It Is the System Not the Politicians That Drives Social Progress

In the grand live broadcast on March 20, Miles Guo pointed out that the advancement of a society relies on good systems, not by hoping for the so-called good rulers.

Miles Guo pointed out that people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, etc., initially only wanted to hold power, but once power was in hands, they became demons driven by growing desires. As contemporary dictators, Putin and Xi Jinping will not give up power for the well-being of mankind, nor will they stop slaughtering and become kindhearted like Buddha.

Miles Guo shared his past experiences of exchanges with dignitaries and elites from various countries to remind his fellow fighters not to have any trust or illusions in politicians: expediency and exchange of interests are the essence of politicians. The relative political incorruptness and economic prosperity of developed countries depend not on political strongmen, but on a set of excellent social systems.

Miles Guo pointed out that in the face of various desires, people’s ability to resist pressure and control desires are limited. It is precisely because of this weakness of human beings that the society has evolved into a democratic social system with the separation of three powers, i.e. legislative, judicial and executive powers, in the course of thousands of years of continuous exploration. The degree of civilization of the society based on this system, with its tolerance, equality, and the rule of law, is the pinnacle of human civilization so far.

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Translated by: MOS Art Team – Newlands
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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