A Fellow Fighter of the New Federal State Of China Interviews the Pianist

On March 15 at the Medyka refugee camp at the Polish border, Nicole, a fellow fighter of the New Federal State Of China (NFSC), interviewed Davide Martello, a pianist who has been playing piano for the refugees for seven days.

Davide says he is not concerned with politics, but is opposed to war and pacifies the suffering people in many scenes of war and turmoil. He has travelled to many places, such as Afghanistan, Turkey in times of the turmoil, and Paris where the terrorist bombings took place. He has experienced natural disasters such as floods in some areas. He would also go around and appeal for peace and love. He said he has not been to Hong Kong, but has performed for the people of Hong Kong. Talking about starlink, he believes that the continuous development of technology has made it easier to connect people, regardless of race and language. Only peace and love, along with music, can unite all of humanity.

Nicole told Davide that The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the root cause of all disasters in the world. Only by taking down the CCP can humanity get peace. The people of NFSC are the ones taking down the Evil CCP. Though the pianist doesn’t know anything about politics, he believes that it is impossible for a government to go backwards if it did not link up with the world and go against the historical trend.

Translated by : MOS Gospel Team – Lilian H
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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