Beijing sought to cover up the ugly truth through the Winter Olympics

With long criticisms to the CCP government who rampantly violated human rights, trampled the rule of law, suppressed the freedom of speech, and persecuted dissidents within the country, the left-wing mainstream media, the self-proclaimed champion of democracy and freedom, often turned a blind eye to what they had done. Occasionally, some anodyne reports were deliberately downplaying CCP’s crimes, which were less scolding but more helpful. 

Non-governmental human rights organizations and the righteous with a conscience from different countries had been lobbying their government and voicing concerns about the human rights issue in Communist China, whereas these efforts were ultimately fruitless. The leading civilized countries in the West never spoke out against or imposed sanctions on this tyranny at the government level. On the contrary, they became the accomplice of the evil communist regime by ignoring CCP’s human rights abuses, providing substantial economic assistance, and collaborating with CCP in private. Please watch the following video from CNN. 

The western countries finally reached a consensus on the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics before its opening. Faced with the atrocities perpetrated by CCP, including the current pandemic, Hongkong issue, Taiwan issue, and the genocide in Xinjiang, they had to confront the escalating crisis worldwide. Here is a video exposing the ugly truth that CCP sought to conceal through the Winter Olympics.

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team Accelerator
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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