People Infected with the CCP Virus Need Long-term Medication to Clean the Virus and Avoid Cancer

On December 19, Miles highlighted in Grand Live that, once infected with the CCP virus, it is almost impossible for the human body to completely eliminate the effects of the virus from the body naturally, even if the illness is cured according to informed sources.

People who have been infected with the CCP virus, regardless of gender or age, have more than a 50% chance of developing cancer in the next three to ten years. The reason is that if the mRNA spike protein is not completely removed, it will attack the lymphatic system for a long time, affecting immunity and leading to cell mutations. Thus women are prone to gynecological cancers and men are prone to prostate cancers.

Mr. Guo seriously reminds that people who have been infected with the CCP virus must have a full physical examination every year, and they should avoid strenuous exercise in general. It takes time to remove the virus from the body, and it is imperative to follow the doctor’s advice and take long-term artemisinin, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and multivitamin supplements. The only way to avoid cancer is to follow the doctor’s advice carefully and keep clearing the virus.

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