Winter Olympians Will be under Surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party’s “Digital Iron Curtain”

On December 14, the media quoted senior Australian officials and security experts as warning the Winter Olympic athletes that the Communist China government is monitoring its territory like a brick wall. Once inside Communist China, the “digital iron curtain” will monitor everyone’s communications and movements around the clock, and even collect sensitive data.

The Australian government announced a few days ago that it would “diplomatically boycott” the Beijing Winter Olympics on human rights grounds and would not send official representatives, but more than 100 Australian athletes and staff will still be there. These people will be given temporary cell phones and phone cards distributed by the Olympic Committee. An Australian official said that the temporary cell phones and phone cards are bound to be tracked and monitored by the Chinese government, which is like walking into a “digital iron curtain”.

At the same time, Australian cybersecurity experts also warned that Communist China uses the internet, face recognition, and vehicle tracking to monitor, collect and intercept all data. These surveillance methods will also be applied to the participants, and Winter Olympians are advised not to bring their personal cell phones into Communist China, to use encrypted communication software during the event, and to use VPN to access the Internet whenever possible.

Translated by: MOS Translation Group – Ayu
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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