Xi Jinping s life or death plays a key role in the process of taking down the CCP

Miles Guo revealed in his live broadcast on Dec 12th that there are far more pro-U.S. factions than pro-Xi factions inside the CCP. The highest level intelligence agency in the U.S. has absolutely accurate intelligence from the pro-U.S. factions. It is reported that many forces in the CCP want to assassinate Xi Jinping. 

Looking back at dictatorships in history, there are always power struggles between 1st and 2nd in power. And taking out the 1st in power is the certain choice of 2nd in power under the centralized state system. If Xi is assassinated, he will be considered the CCP`s hero, which will add variables and difficulties on the road to the taking down of the CCP. If we continue to let the CCP exist, the human disaster would be prolonged by many more years. 

Only by keeping Xi alive, we can accelerate the demise of the CCP. Xi wants to challenge the U.S., threatens to attack Taiwan, eliminates internal moguls, clears up the dissidents, monopolizes thoughts, eradicates religions, and communizes wealth. These series of crazy behaviors help the NFSC to accomplish its historical mission of exterminating the CCP. It is doomed that Xi will be taken down along with the CCP. Eliminating totalitarian dictatorship is the real fundamental problem.

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Wintermfall
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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