How to Put Reproduction on the Agenda as Sperm and Egg Counts Plummet

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis study published in Frontiers in Human Reproductive Medicine suggests that human sperm counts are declining at an accelerated rate. The article was published in November 2022 by an international team of researchers, who updated their landmark 2017 study after reviewing 2,936 academic abstracts and 868 full-text articles and analyzing data from 38 sperm count studies conducted on six continents.

Study author Shanna Swan said, “We can now conclude that there has been a significant decline in sperm count and concentration in men globally and that the rate of decline is more than twice as fast as before, which is a significant change from the 2017 paper.” The analysis made by Dr. Eglise in Miles Guo’s live broadcast on February 22nd proved that human beings are facing a crisis of survival. The direct consequence of the decline in the number of human sperm is that human reproduction is affected. Coupled with the harm of the CCP virus vaccines, healthy human sperm will become even more scarce.

In the face of the genocide caused by CCP virus vaccines, Miles Guo, proposed the “New Humanity Project,” to motivate unvaccinated people to donate healthy, uncontaminated sperm and eggs to help save the survival and health of the human race. This project is about the life and death of mankind and is the Noah’s Ark of human beings, which is of inestimable value and far-reaching significance.

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