Kinmen County Council Of Taiwan Twice Proposed To Establish A ‘Permanent Demilitarized Zone’

According to Taiwanese media reported on February 21st, the convener of Kinmen County Council’s Cross-party Political Alliance and the Non-party Alliance jointly proposed the establishment of a “permanent demilitarized zone” in Kinmen, and declared that they wanted to convey public opinion. They also submitted a petition letter to the Kinmen County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party. The petition letter mentioned that they hope to work together with all parties to promote the establishment of a “demilitarized zone” for Kinmen and Matsu counties, constructing a “peaceful special zone” as a way to resolve the political and military dilemma on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. They also hope to leverage the development opportunities of Xiamen and Haixi to promote the construction of a “Kinmen-Xiamen Cross-sea Bridge” and other projects. The petition letter declared that the Russia-Ukraine War caused a great loss of life, and Kinmen was also devastated by the war. Therefore, it is essential to learn from the lessons of history. How to achieve peace on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is the responsibility of the leaders on both sides of history. The report suggests that the main security threat to Taiwan now comes from Communist China. This is not the first proposal to build a cross-sea bridge, which would allow direct access for Communist China to Kinmen. However, applying pressure on the Taiwanese government at this time raises questions about the intentions behind the proposal. The media believes that whether it is for peace or a shortcut to unification, it should receive widespread attention. The report also points out that the Taiwanese people can see this clearly. The island’s pro-Beijing traitors are confusing the situation and attempting to cover up the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The righteous defenders of Taiwan have a difficult road ahead in protecting Taiwan from Communist China.

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