Communist China Bundled Digital Yuan with Electronic Coupons

Recently, several Beijing districts have distributed multiple dining coupons to citizens via the Dazhong Dianping platform to drive the public’s enthusiasm for dining consumption. These coupons range from 15 yuan to 90 yuan in face value and can offset corresponding consumption amounts with additional merchant discounts, resulting in discounts of up to 30-50% off. These electronic consumption vouchers not only cover the catering industry but also start to appear in the consumption fields of cultural tourism and automobile. Zhejiang Province has issued different types of special consumption vouchers, such as car consumption vouchers, through its online platform; Hangzhou City West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Qiandao Lake, and other scenic spots have also implemented free admission with coupons; Guizhou Province has issued special consumption vouchers for movies, etc. More than 40 cities nationwide have announced the issuance of consumption vouchers, covering many areas such as automobiles, restaurants, cultural tourism, and ice and snow sports. According to People’s Daily, the sub-wallets on the Digital RMB App have supported over 90 merchant platforms such as Meituan, Jingdong, and Taobao to receive digital RMB, covering many aspects such as food, drink, entertainment, clothing, food, housing, and transportation. By accepting and using preferential means such as electronic consumption vouchers, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has enabled the Chinese people to form a mindset of “receiving vouchers before buying,” gradually recognizing the social attributes of tickets, and eventually becoming a regular practice in the lives of the general public. Its fundamental purpose is to pave the way for the full and effective implementation of the digital yuan, control of domestic finance, and control of the people’s money in the planned economy model.

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