Intel Slashes Dividend By 66% As CCP Virus Dismantles World Economy

It was reported that the global macroeconomy has continued to suffer heavy losses since the CCP virus ravaged the world and the CCP virus vaccines started harming humans. Enterprises started saving to survive the cold winter of the economic crisis. Aside from large-scale layoffs, salary cuts and reduced spending on new projects, Intel, a well-known American chip maker, recently announced that it will slash its dividend by 66% to 12.5 cents per share, the lowest since 2007. The report pointed out that cutting dividends would save Intel $3 billion in operating costs, but considering the size of Intel’s capital expenditures, the company has almost no chance of generating positive cash flow for at least the next two years. According to Intel’s financial report, the company’s first-quarter revenue forecast, which analysts consider to be “catastrophe,” will fall to its lowest level since 2010. This further confirms Miles Guo’s revelation and prediction of the world economic trend a few years back, and the financial and economic crisis have already begun, it will not be exciting for a long time in the future. As the people of the New Federal State of China, we are even more grateful for securing our health and wealth in extraordinary times.

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