House Foreign Affairs Committee To Hold Hearing On ‘CCP’s Aggression’

According to media reports on February 21st, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing next Tuesday on policies to address the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) in order to take a “more holistic approach” to counter the CCP’s aggression. The committee chairman, Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, called the hearing the “Combating the Generational Challenge of CCP Aggression.” He repeatedly warned that the CCP is unwise, aiming at diverting its internal pressures in the country, but the United States must maintain its strength and take necessary measures to deter any potential provocation by the CCP. One of the witnesses, Alan Estevez, who is the U.S. Commerce Department’s under secretary for industry and security, will testify at the hearing. He is responsible for overseeing restrictions on technology exports to China. McCaul has pressured Estevez to ensure that China does not transfer US technology to countries that support terrorism and called for stricter limits on exporting technology to companies such as Huawei, which are on the blacklist. Other witnesses include Daniel Kritenbrink, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; Michael Schiffer, Assistant Administrator of the Bureau for Asia at the US Agency for International Development; and Scott Nathan, CEO of the US International Development Finance Corporation.

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