CCP’s 20th Congress To Hold Second Plenary Session In Beijing

It is reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will hold its 20th Congress’ Second Plenary Session in Beijing, from February 26th to 28th. During the plenary, it is expected that the Congress will purport and designate new leaders for the CCP, review the so called “reform plan for the party and the country.” Without doubt, Xi Jinping will be designated as chairman of the CCP, and Li Keqiang will be named as Premier of Communist China.

Many suspect that this will be another era of “Xi and Li,” under the premise that the communist regime can survive and rule China. The CCP boasted its reform plans purported on its 20th Congress and identified the past year as “extremely important” for the party. In addition, Beijing touted its effort to control the pandemic, tighten macro-control to maintain social and economy economic stability. In fact, Communist China under Xi’s rule is facing tremendous problems from both within China and foreign countries. There’s no doubt that this will be only ‘past’ no more ‘coming’ plenary of CCP.

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