A Coal Mine Collapsed In Alashan, Inner Mongolia, And 53 People Lost Contact

According to social media news from the CCP, on February 22, in Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a large-scale collapse occurred in an open-pit coal mine called Xinjing Coal Industry Co., Ltd. At present, 2 people were killed, 6 people were injured, and 53 people lost contact. Many vehicles at the scene were buried. Relevant departments initiated the first-level emergency response to the accident. At present, there are 11 rescue teams that have arrived at the scene, about 470 people, and more than 130 large rescue machines.

This is the first serious construction site safety accident this year. According to the on-site personnel, the amount of landslides is huge and the rescue is very difficult. The video shows that at the moment of the collapse, a large area of the mountain slid down, and yellow smoke and dust billowed. The workers on the site exclaimed: It’s over, the whole mountain has collapsed. The whole scene is very shocking. According to the internal staff of Xinjing Coal Industry, the coal mine has been in production and has not stopped working during the Spring Festival. In recent years, the coal mine has been fined and enforced by the local court for a total amount of 80.75 million yuan.

According to relevant information on the Internet, Inner Mongolia Xinjing Coal Industry Co., Ltd. was established on September 2, 1999. Its registered place is located in Azuo Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The business scope includes coal production and sales, sales of coal mining machinery and equipment and accessories.

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