Four Principles Of NFSC’s Protest At The Capitol Hill

On February 19, Miles Guo expressed that fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) should carry on their spontaneous protest at Capitol Hill, for the true voice of the Whistleblower Movement needs to be heard by the U.S. Congress, under four principles. Fellow fighters should never cross the red line of the law to prevent freedom of speech be taken away. Based on only facts, let the Congress know as much as possible of the vexatious and malicious prosecutions against the Whistleblower Movement carried out by prestigious U.S. law firms on behalf of Beijing.

After the U.S. Congress launched a series of investigations into the unrestricted judicial warfare of the PRC, the NFSC will continue to work with U.S. media, the judicial and legal communities, and to speak out in the U.S. government and Congress. Letting Americans understand that the only way to save America is to stop supporting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its transnational prosecution against Chinese dissidents.

Meanwhile, improve personal quality, improve awareness of law and democracy. Protests are only meaningful when these principles are well kept. The NFSC pursues to end dictatorship and build a society with justice, rule of law and freedom of speech. From now on, other than Capitol Hill, the protests from the NFSC will be held all over the world and dig out every collusion with the CCP until no stone is unturned.

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