Miles Guo Reiterates Why He Opposed The Current COVID-19 Vaccine

According to foreign media reports on February 18th, the death toll in Germany has doubled in the week ending on December 25th, 2022, reaching the highest since the outbreak of the CCP-virus(Covid-19) pandemic. Meanwhile, Canada and Australia continue to implement vaccine tyranny, refusing to perform surgery on patients who have not been vaccinated against the CCP-virus. Some patients have expressed that these regulations interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, pushing some patients into a corner and forcing them to take the injection that goes against their beliefs, and doctors are forced to do this to their patients or risk losing their jobs. On Feb 19, Miles Guo reiterated in his live broadcast that he is not an anti-vaccinationist, but he is against the viruses more harmful than COVID-19 itself disguised as vaccines and promoted by Pfizer, Moderna and the CCP.Without knowing the origin and the structure of the CCP-virus, these so-called vaccines came out swiftly in less than a year. Without scientific proof of effectiveness and convincing clinical trial results, big pharmas promoted their vaccines by paying mainstream media, politicians and institutions. They even signed waivers with governments and tried to bury the side effects of the vaccines. Not to mention those unexplained sudden deaths after the vaccine mandates.

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