The CCP’s Refusal To Cooperate Postpones The Tracing of CCP Virus Origin

Foreign media reported on February 17th that since the beginning of the pandemic, Communist China is believed to be where the virus originated. Despite vigorous denial from the CCP, there have been repeated calls for investigations into the origin of the virus. Nature, the world’s most authoritative science journal, has pointed out that the CCP is reluctant to cooperate with the probe and the World Health Organization (WHO) has put the origin-tracing efforts on hold for a long time. In response to this, WHO Director-General Tedros has made it clear that the WHO will continue to investigate the source of the pandemic until the truth is uncovered. Nature noted that the WHO dispatched a group of experts to Wuhan in 2021 before coming up with a first-phase report in collaboration with “experts” from Communist China, but the report was widely criticized for its lack of transparency and credibility, and for failing to adequately assess the claim that it is “extremely unlikely for the virus to leak from the laboratory.” It is urged that a second phase of investigation be carried out as soon as possible. However, the CCP was unwilling to cooperate, and the WHO had to put the investigation aside for now. In response, Tedros denied the accusations of shelving and claimed he sought cooperation with Beijing authorities recently in a letter. He also said: “The WHO continues to push for an investigation into the origins until we get to the answers. We need to know how and where it started so that we can prevent something like this from happening again. On the moral level, millions died and too many suffered as a result and the whole world has been held hostage by this virus and we must have an explanation.”

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