Temu Sets Off Another Alarm On CCP’s Widespread Infiltration

According to a U.S. media report on Feb. 15th, Super Bowl aired a commercial for Temu, a CCP’s e-commerce platform. It’s said that this Shanghai-based online shopping platform has become the most downloaded application in the country since its launch last September in U.S. Temu sells everything cheap from the copycat AirPods to kitchen sponges. It claims to support sustainable farming initiatives but this has been challenged as nothing but hypocritical propaganda since shipping goods from China will always result in higher carbon emissions than producing them domestically in America. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl allowed Temu to air commercials multiple times on the country’s most-watched television program of the year. From TikTok to spy balloons to shopping platforms, the CCP’s infiltration of all aspects of American life has raised more and more concerns. Some commentators even say that these can be seen as one of the biggest errors of this century for the United States.

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