CCP Fully Grasps Core Technology Of Gas In Spy Balloon Production

The recent “spy balloon” incident involving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been gaining worldwide attention. As the investigation is still developing, many countries’ governments, military departments, intelligence departments are closely monitoring the CCP’s further development of various actions and situations. The CCP has launched unrestricted warfare and asymmetrical warfare against the world, using cheap, inferior weapons to consume expensive and high-end weapons and equipment from democratic countries in the West. The CCP has full control over the core technology used for manufacturing spy balloons with nitrogen, hydrogen and helium, and has a large number of production bases and complete production scale all over the country. The degree of environmental destruction caused by the production of various required gases, the harm to people’s health, and the cost advantage of low prices are all beyond the imagination and the reach of other countries. People from various sectors in Western democracies such as the United States are still in a very unenlightened stage as to the extent of the threat posed by the CCP to the world. Many governments and institutions are still arrogantly refusing to believe that the CCP can be so evil. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement, has consistently called on the world for many years to realize the nature of the CCP and to alert governments and ordinary people to the numerous tactics used by the CCP, while he has spread the message “The CCP is not equal to China, and the CCP cannot represent the Chinese people” to every corner of the world.

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