Chinese People Could Overthrow CCP in 100 Days If the West Decouples

On February 10th, Mr. Bill Gertz, a national security expert, was interviewed by Mr. Steve Bannon on a WarRoom show, where he pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has launched a series of “grey-zone warfare, non-kinetic warfare, information warfare, and political warfare to destroy the United States,” which is equivalent to declaring war on the United States. The world is on the verge of the World War III, but unfortunately, many elites in the US political circle are still living in an unrealistic and illusory world, thinking that they can still make a deal with the CCP. Mr. Bill Gertz believes that the United States needs to go on the offense against the CCP, and information warfare is the key to eradicating the CCP. He believes that when the truth reaches Communist China, the ordinary people will be able to stand up and rebel. Mr. Bannon echoed on the same point, identifying that the Beijing regime is not a legitimate government and that the entire China is controlled by only a handful top-CCP families. What the US and the Western countries want to eliminate is the CCP not the Chinese people. If the Chinese Laobaixing (commonfolk) are aware of this truth, and the West cut the CCP off financially and technologically, the Laobaixing can definitely overthrow the CCP’s dictatorship within 100 days.

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