CCP Does Not Represent Chinese Students Studying Abroad

Many students from Communist China study in the United States and many of them are from the ordinary families. When the US government’s sanctions against those corrupted CCP officials are about to begin, these Chinese international students should be protected. They should be protected because the CCP does not represent the Chinese people and these innocent young students. But for the descendants of the corrupted CCP officials, they should acknowledge that their extravagant lifestyle was obtained by their parents who illegally stole the hard-earned money of the common Chinese people. Shan Weijian is a corrupted official who steals a large amount of money from the ordinary Chinese people. He has used the dirty money to buy the world’s top luxurious mansion for his daughter. Our fellow fighters from the New Federal State of China have been protesting at his daughter’s university, and hope that his daughter would wake up and help to protect innocent Chinese students who study abroad.

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