HK Digital Asset Center – A Financial Nuclear Weapon to Take Down the West

In the moment of the HK dollar’s decoupling from the US dollar, CCP plans to legalize retail crypto trading in HK. It is an action to support pro-CCP digital currencies such as Huobi, Binance, Ether, and Bitcoin while suppressing HCoin and Lying flat Coin.

The CCP prohibits people from purchasing digital currencies in mainland China but invests heavily in developing technologies and cultivates talents for digital currencies. US dollar’s long-arm jurisdiction, harvesting of other countries’ fiat currencies as well as the US’s fear and interception of digital currencies will drive technologies, talents, and capitals to Hong Kong.

Once a country loses its financial and monetary harvesting rights, half of the power no longer exists, which is equivalent to committing suicide. But thinking from another perspective, anyone who follows the CCP is bound to be controlled by the CCP, therefore, needs to suffer from all the risks that come along. HCoin will become the unique digital currency that is anti-CCP, the value can speak for itself.

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