Uncovering the Truth of the Pfizer Vaccine: The Pfizer Executive Goes Hysterical After Unmasking

A U.S. independent media, Project Veritas, posted an undercover interview video on January 27th and caused uproar. The video shows Jordan Tristan Walker, Director of Research and Development- Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer, talked with the undercover journalist and revealed that Pfizer’s scientists are currently exploring how to direct the evolution of the virus(es) so that the vaccine against the next wave of the variant(s) can be developed in advance. According to this video, Pfizer vaccine was not developed to prevent infection, but to make people more susceptible to infection. During the interview, Walker stated that it was meaningless to trace the origin of the Covid-19, aka CCP virus, but it is in line with the common interest of large pharmaceutical companies and government officials to preempt and “optimize” the mutation process. By Walker’s description, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2019 had also used the same experimental approach. The CCP treated people as experimental monkeys by deliberately releasing viruses in the Wuhan seafood market, and then collected the infection sequences of those infected to develop the virus in advance, but was using a “gain of function” approach. According to Walker, “gain of function” approach causes the virus to be very aggressive and its mutation process is completely uncontrollable, which is why Pfizer’s scientists have not been able to truly master the way the virus mutates. The CCP is even less likely to control the virus mutation. At the end of the video, the undercover journalist flashed his identity and told Walker that everything he said was broadcasted. The Director then became hysterical and even attacked the journalist. The outburst proved what he said was true. This tells the spread of the CCP virus and the global pandemic have all been deliberately designed.

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