CCP Local Governments Are Encouraging ‘Unmarried Women To Give Birth’

Communist China’s Sichuan Provincial Health Commission recently lifted restrictions on whether a person can register to have a child if they are married, as well as the number of births, saying that it would shift its focus to fertility intentions and outcomes.

Quickly, the topic of “Sichuan Encourages Unmarried Births” made it to WeiBo’s hotspots, and negative comments were flooding in. In fact, Xi’s regime began experiencing negative population growth years ago. Several Chinese provinces, including Anhui, Guangdong and Hunan, have long introduced similar measures to encourage women to have children in response to China’s population crisis, but these measures have had little effect.

A policy introduced in late May 2021 that allows a couple to have three children also drew taunts from the public. In 2022, the number of first marriages and newborns in mainland China fell again, both to record lows. In Communist China, women and children, as well as private property, are insecure.

As China’s economy continues to deteriorate and unemployment continues to rise, more and more Chinese people are desperate for reality, and trust in society is at a low point. With Chinese men choosing to “lie flat” and women choosing to “not marry”, these new fertility policies are still not going to turn the tide. It’s worth noting that Miles Guo revealed in his latest live video that COVID Disaster has killed about 29 million Chinese, or 3.7% of the population. If this percentage is taken into account, the true population of China is now less than 800 million.

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