The COVID Red QR Codes Incident Shows CCP’s Unrestricted Power

Recently, the ongoing incident of depositors of Henan village bank and a number of building owners’ health codes have been unexpectedly turned red—a label mostly reserved for potential COVID-19 carriers or those infected with the virus—attracted attention.

Although the Communist China authorities has attempted to quell public outrage by imposing administrative penalties such as serious warnings within the party, demerits and demotions on the officials involved. The authorities issued sentencing regulations between January and May of this year with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment or death penalty for making the falsification of health codes which is a “crime of obstructing national health and quarantine” and a “crime of endangering public security by dangerous means”.

On the other hand, the police chief of the Lubei branch of the public security bureau in the incident of women being brutally beaten in Tangshan city and the official who spread false information about chained women in Xuzhou have only been investigated and suspended by the Disciplinary Committee. This shows that the laws in Communist China are only for ordinary people, not for government officials and that the system imposed by the CCP within the party is above the law.

In a 2019 live broadcast, Miles Guo said that the greatness of the American system is the use of laws to monitor the power of the government. Although those who enforce the laws are likely to be infiltrated, everyone has the opportunity to find a solution in court. For example, the cases of Steve Wynn and Brody, who admitted to helping the Chinese government lobby, prove this point. In contrast, under the current system in Communist China, there is neither justice nor a solution to the problem, but people who have treated unfairly experience the risk of being disappeared.

In addition, these examples also demonstrate the BGY tactics (B as blue – control of the internet, G as gold – the money and Y as yellow – the sex) that CCP internationally uses to infiltrate the judicial and political communities of other countries in defiance of Western law in order to achieve its purposes. Domestically, the CCP uses unrestricted power to control people.

The U.S. Founding Father George Washington warns that it is becoming increasingly clear to us that the greatest threat to human civilization and the most destructive to it is unchecked power, followed by natural disasters and human ignorance. And the CCP is using its unrestricted power domestically as well as using its infiltration tactics internationally.

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