The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong to Staff with Doctors from Mainland China

The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong said yesterday that there is a shortage of medical care workers in Hong Kong and brain drains have reached nearly 10%, and it is planning to launch the “Greater Bay Area Doctors Exchange Scheme” in the second half of this year to introduce senior doctors from mainland China. Fan Hongling, Chairman of the Hospital Authority, pointed out that the target candidates are doctors who have participated in the anti-pandemic work in Hong Kong, and the first batch of doctors from Communist China arriving in Hong Kong is expected to be between 5 and 10.

 Hong Kong people are unwilling to be controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the immigration wave is the best testimony. Hong Kong people who can immigrate have the courage and ability to face a new start. Immigrants are full of professionals, and many of the first batch of people to leave Hong Kong are medical staff, the Hospital Authority also admitted that the loss of medical staff exceeds 10%. Even if some incentives are provided, it cannot help the talents to build confidence in Hong Kong. Last year, the Hong Kong government had asked major colleges and universities to increase the number of medical students enrolled, but they need to study and practice for a longer time than students in other ordinary subjects, and they cannot fill the vacancies in a short period of time. The government has also begun the introduction of non-local doctors, and the first batch of targets focuses on medical technicians from developed countries such as Europe and the United States, but Hong Kong has lost its allure of attracting international talented personnel. Therefore, the Hospital Authority has stepped back and announced the introduction of doctors from mainland China and requires that these doctors have participated in Hong Kong’s fight against the pandemic. In this way, the waves of pandemics in Hong Kong turned out to be a testing ground for mainland China doctors. Hong Kong under the control of the CCP dictatorship will inevitably be abandoned by the international community. The Hong Kong government has neither internal strength nor external assistance, and can only ask the CCP for help, the image of the CCP as the saviour of Hong Kong continues to be consolidated.

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