Fiat Currency and Digital Currency Will Coexist and Interconnected

On June 23rd, 2022, Miles Guo said in the Grand Live broadcast that fiat currencies in the world will exist forever, while digital currencies and legal currencies will coexist for a long time. In the future, there will be centralized and decentralized currencies for human beings to choose from.

Miles said that in the future, fiat currencies will be associated with all digital currencies. Gold-standard decentralized digital currency and gold-standard centralized digital currency must be the first-class and most stable currencies.

In the future, Japan will launch a coin called a digital gold-backed coin. At that time, everyone can buy this kind of coin, and there is no need to buy national bonds without coupling. When the time comes, there will be two gold-backed currencies, centralized and decentralized, for you to choose.

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