2 Chinese Coast Guard Ships Invade Japanese Territorial Waters Around Senkaku Islands, Approach Fishing Boat

As per the information from Japan 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, at about 3:51 p.m on June 18th, two vessels named “Cost Guard 1302” and “Coast Guard 1402” with China Coast Guard Bureau intruded into Japan’s territorial waters around the southern islet of Senkaku Island in Ishigaki City and attempted to approach an adjacent Japanese fishing boat. Meanwhile, the Japanese Coast Guard deployed patrol boats around the fishing boat to prevent Chinese vessels from approaching and ensure their fishermen’s safety. This is the first time a Chinese ship has intruded into Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands since June 2nd, and the 10th time this year.

The fishing boat was carrying four people, of whom the partner of Ishigaki City Councilor Jun and others were also on board, so very likely it was “Tsurumaru” (9.1 tons) which was scheduled to leave Ishigaki-Jima on the evening of June 17th. The incident reveals that the purpose of the Chinese Communist Party is to assert its sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands by interfering with the operations of Japanese fishing boats around it.

The patrol ships of Japan’s Coast Guard had repeatedly asked Communist Chinese ships to leave the territorial waters and restricted their routes.

In the connecting waters on the outer side of the Senkaku Islands, Chinese “Cost Guard 1102” and “Cost Guard 1305” equipped with machine guns have also been sailing continuously. As of June 19th, it was the 65th consecutive day.

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