Tencent layoffs expand, rumors of some departments layoffs look up to 50%

According to a June 23 report by China Central Radio, Communist China technology giant Tencent will continue to lay off employees in the second half of the year, following a massive “slimming down” at the beginning of the year, with several business units under the Platform and Content Group (PCG) laying off 40 to 50 percent of their staff, and some teams in the remaining business groups also facing layoffs. The layoffs will reportedly focus on cutting off from management level down, which will be including multiple whole teams being laid off en masse.

 The best wordings to describe the current situation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, it is literally a “setting sun” and has no power to return to it’s heyday. From Mao Zedong’s joy in fighting with heaven(God and Mother Nature), earth (all life forms on the planet) and people, to Xi Jinping’s insane arrogance in fighting with heaven, earth and the entire world, the CCP is obviously reaching it’s end. Economic collapse and the people in general trapped in state of destitute will be the norm for some time before the collapse of the CCP.

 The economy of Tencent, the Internet technology leader of the Communist China, is no longer able to support itself, and the entire collapse of the country’s economy is just around the corner. The Chinese people have unfortunately have to bear the brunt and become the sacrificial objects of the CCP. It’s crimes against the Chinese people are too numerous to mention, but will definitely be held accountable eventually.

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