Xi Jinping Delivered Keynote Speech at the BRICS Business Forum

According to a report on June 22nd, Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 14th BRICS Business Forum by video and delivered a keynote speech. Below are the main points:

Five countries should unite and cooperate to jointly maintain world peace and stability.

Promote global development partnership and promote global sustainable development.

Maintain the stability of the industrial chain and jointly achieve win-win cooperation.

Advocate economic globalization, increase the representation and voice of emerging market countries and developing countries, as well as strengthen global economic governance.

The BRICS countries originated in 2008 and included Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa and Communist China. These five countries were emerging markets in the world, and they were the strongest forces in their respective regions, and had strong influence in the fields of politics, economy, military, trade, and culture, they were considered to be one of the main driving forces for the future economic development of the world.

In the past few decades, Communist China has used the loose international system to use Blue, Gold, Yellow (control of the internet, gold and sex) method to erode the political system, media, finance, culture, technology and other industries of Western developed countries. Communist China also used the Belt and Road Initiative to control third world countries’ economic, it is also Russia’s supporter behind the invasion of Ukraine.

The CCP implements dictatorship in the country, conducting genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet, advocating the occupation of Taiwan by force, and fighting against the opposite with so-called anti-corruption. The CCP uses the pandemic to control the public, forces a large number of foreign enterprises to withdraw from Communist China, threatens the global product supply chain, and the real estate market is on the verge of collapse. Under such circumstances, Xi Jinping will still act as a world leader and propose security, peace, and global cooperation to the world. This is simply ridiculous.

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